Corporate Programmes

Our corporate programmes offer organisation two fantastic opportunities to improve the performance of the workforce and to add value and save money. Our corporate coaches are all trained hypno-psychotherapists who also have substantive experience at a senior level in corporate life (public and private sector) and so understand the imperatives of the corporate environment and the need to add value and realise corporate goals.

Corporate Coaching – aimed at senior managers and leadership teams this helps people tap into their creative talents and enables them to see their actions and biases more clearly. Using powerful NLP techniques to make goals more real and to improve motivation, energy and persistence our coaching lets high-flyers overcome anxiety and realise their true potential.

Employee wellbeing programmes – offered as tailored sessions one-on-one or in a group these focus on either

  • Stress management – teaching powerful relaxation and anxiety management techniques that reduce the impact of stress on the individual and so reduce sick days and help prevent the downward spiral of depression.
  •  Stop Smoking – help improve employee health, reduce time taken at work in smoking breaks, and reduce time taken off due to smoking related illness. As an added benefit the savings to the smoker who successfully stops is just like giving them a £2000 a year tax free pay rise for less than £200 on your part – an impressive return on your investment. Save you and them time and money; you might even save their lives.