Conception & Birth

  • Would you like a birthing experience that is more positive?couple and baby
  • Would you like a shorter labour?
  • Would you like to use less pain relief and have less risk of a medical intervention?
  • Would you like to feel more calm and in control during labour?

If you said yes to any of these questions then training in the use of self-hypnosis in the last trimester and during delivery is for you.

Evidence shows that relaxed and empowered women have an easier time conceiving, have quicker, easier births and are less likely to need a caesarean section or other medical intervention.

The birth experience is a powerful one and women who feel better able to manage anxiety and pain report an overall better experience.

Training in hypnosis for childbirth (sometimes called hypnobirthing or easibirthing) teaches you techniques to achieve deep relaxation, manage tiredness and discomfort  throughout the last trimester and during the birth. You can attend one of our regular group workshops (either alone or with your partner) or alternatively you can book a set of private lessons.

Using hypnosis in this way allows women to reduce their need for chemical medication and to feel more in control. The added bonus is that the helpful relaxation and concentration techniques we teach can be used again and again – a real boon after the delivery in those exhausting months with your newborn and beyond.

Simone Davis – a registered easibirthing® practitioner

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