Chronic Pain

Some of the earliest applications of Hypnosis involve reducing or eliminating your perception of pain. There are scientific papers showing hypnosis to be effective in managing all kinds of pain, from childbirth to migraine, from back pain to post-trauma and even occasionally surgery.

Chronic pain can drag you down and can substantially reduce your quality of life and can even lead to depression; but the good news is that you don’t have to put up with it. Research has shown that the way you think about pain and your outlook on your condition has a major impact on your mood and your ability to lead  your life. This is why pain clinics across the country use various combinations of relaxation, CBT and psychotherapy to help people take charge of their conditions and their lives. Hypnosis can be combined with all these approaches to speed up your response to therapy and enhance overall effectiveness.

Hypnotherapists will only use hypnosis to assist in managing chronic pain that has already been diagnosed by a Doctor. If you have acute pain or your chronic pain has changed in intensity or location you should consult your Doctor.